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Consequences That Work?

James Lehman’s Complete Guide to Consequences Shows You How

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Have you tried all kinds of punishments and consequences to get your kids to behave, and nothing’s worked? The Complete Guide to Consequences is a unique, how-to video program with realistic parent/child role plays that show you how to choose the right consequences and make them work for your child.

Developed by behavioral therapist, James Lehman, creator of The Total Transformation® Program, this in–depth training program shows you step–by–step how to develop consequences for kids that get their attention fast and motivate them to change. No matter how resistant or defiant they are. No matter how bad their behavior has become.

You’ll learn
  • Simple, effective consequences for the most aggravating and challenging behavior problems:
    • Cursing & back talk
    • Breaking curfew
    • Refusal to do homework or chores
    • Refusal to get out of bed
    • Lying & manipulation
    • Poor grades
  • Why you can’t punish your child into good behavior.
  • How to use task–oriented consequences that teach and motivate your child to change
  • How to stay calm and in control when giving consequences
  • How to get through to a child who ignores you or dosen’t care–no matter what discipline, punishment or consequence you try.

James Lehman, MSW, Creator of The Total Transformation Program

James Lehman, MSW was a behavioral therapist and creator of The Total Transformation Program. For over 30 years, he worked with defiant, out–of–control children and teens and their parents. James brings a unique understanding of child behavior to all of his programs because he had severely defiant, oppositional behavior himself as a child and teen.

Effective Parenting Techniques
You’ll Actually SEE

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The best way to learn how to give consequences is to watch parents and kids in action. In The Complete Guide to Consequences, you’ll see seven common parenting scenarios. You’ll watch parents giving consequences ineffectively, so you’ll see what NOT to do. Then, you’ll see a more effective technique, showing you what to say and do to make consequences work—even for the most difficult child. Click here to read more about the role plays.

Reviews of
The Complete Guide
To Consequences

Review by : Phoenix, AZ

I found The Complete Guide to Consequences to be very effective. The idea that you are teaching your child an appropriate behavior in the process, rather than just punishing them for the sake of punishing is what has really helped.

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New! Limited Time Offer! Give Us Your Feedback. Get the Program for Free!* Order Now!